A message from Mayor Trilla regarding the Coronavirus:


 Reflecting on the Past Year

Dear Willowbrook Residents,

One year ago everything changed, yes, the world turned upside down. And now, one year later a time for some reflection.

In first days and months of The Pandemic we faced feelings of helplessness and dread. saying "What are we going to do? Many of us, including myself prayed. We prayed for our families, our friends, our country, our fearless healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers. 

Then we took control the part of the Pandemic that we could control and went into action. We turned the "What are we going to do and replaced it with: This is what we are going to do.  We immediately organized by taking a deep dive into planning for both our personal and businesses to stop the spread. I know this has been exhausting to say the least, on many levels.  

Your Village leadership, then as now, will continue to move forward and take precautions to protect all those in our community. We will do whatever it takes get us over the Bridge so we can enter into Phase 5 and total re-opening.  

Here you will find the ILDPH and Governor's link providing the information for THE BRIDGE TO PHASE 5

Stay well stay safe and healthy and please remember to mask-up.

Mayor Trilla


We are in this together, and Together we can keep Willowbrook safe for all.


Governor Pritzker Press Release 08/04/2021 (PDF)

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Police Department COVID-19 Precautions Notice 03/16/2020 (PDF) 

Public Access to Village of Willowbrook Village Hall 03/16/2020 (PDF)

Mayor’s message re:Coronavirus 03/13/2020 (PDF)

Mayor’s message re:Coronavirus 03/05/2020 (PDF)

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We urge residents to take the following steps to protect you and your family from getting sick or spreading illness to others: