Building Department COVID -19 Guideline Documents

Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, typical department operations are being seriously affected causing a delay in reviewing & approving permits. Note that in order to comply with all State Government Executive Orders, we are not working entirely out of the village hall and many operations are being done remotely. Effective immediately, and until further notice is posted, the Willowbrook Village Hall is closed to the general public; as such, we request that you not visit the village hall until instructed to do so. We are implementing and establishing new protocols every day, so please bear with us during this challenging and unprecedented time.

Also, the Village Willowbrook, acting as the Authority Having Jurisdiction, in association with the Tri-State Fire Protection District, have altered the typical operations, policies and procedures of our respective Departments.

The following policies and procedures are being implemented for all the following disciplines:

•    Building Permit Applications and Plan Submittals

•    Inspections

•    Tri-State Fire Protection District Guidelines

Please note, these policies and procedures are subject to change without advanced notice, as deemed necessary, at the discretion of the Village of Willowbrook and Tri-State Fire Protection District.

Outside Temporary Tent Installations & Permit Applications Guidelines


Tri-State Fire Protection District Guidelines

IDPH Questionnaire