Village Profile

How We Started

In 1959, a homeowners group called the Ridgemoor Homeowners Association decided to incorporate as a village in order to be able to guide the development of farmland which surrounded their homes. Changes in the law scheduled to become effective January 1, 1960, which would require a population of 400 for incorporation, caused this group of 167 people to expedite its request to be made a village.

While the case for incorporation was before court, the attorney for the homeowners association called the president, Anton Borse, frantically asking for a name for the new village. Borse looked out his window and saw the willow trees along the creek at the back of his property and promptly gave the village its name. Willowbrook became one of the State's smallest villages on January 18, 1960.

Where We're Located

Willowbrook is a small village known for its exceptional services, low taxes and convenience to the metro Chicago region. Located at the nexus of Route 83 and I-55, it's a short five mile drive along Route 83 north to the regional business center of Oak Brook and the I-88 corridor, a quick 15 mile drive east along I-55 to Midway International Airport and only a few minutes from Argonne National Laboratory. Willowbrook's prime location and accessibility to many regional destinations makes it an attractive location for residents, office / commercial companies and light industrial businesses such as Turtle Wax, whose corporate headquarters are located in Willowbrook.

Village Taxes

Willowbrook residents and businesses enjoy a lean and financially stable local government. The Village levies only a small property tax, annually collecting approximately $66,000 in restricted fund property taxes. These funds may only be used to fund special recreation programming and handicap accessibility improvements in Willowbrook park facilities. Other Village services are paid for with utility taxes, telecommunication taxes and the Village's share of sales tax, income tax and other state-administered taxes.

What We Offer

Despite its small size, Willowbrook is well served by an abundance of hotels and thriving retail centers, including the newly constructed Willowbrook Town Center. Willowbrook's superior quality of life is further enhanced by the Village's well-kept ten community parks, the treasures of the nearby Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve, the excellent public schools of the Hinsdale Township High School District 86 (and its elementary school feeder districts) and the established urban fabric where every Willowbrook home is part of a neighborhood and part of the community.