Online Bill Payments

The Village of Willowbrook accepts online bill payments as a method to pay for several Village fees. A small convenience fee will be charged for this service: $3.95 for credit cards and $1.95 for debit cards, per transaction. The fee is paid directly to the credit card processor, not to the Village of Willowbrook. Effective August 1, 2019, the credit card fee for online water bill payments only will increase to $4.45 with a $300.00 per transaction limit. 

You may continue to pay by cash or check, with no additional charges, by mail or in person at the Village Hall or in the Village drop box located at the front door of the Village Hall. Payments in person by credit/debit card will still be assessed the convenience fees listed above (except for water bills paid in person, there is no fee for those). No credit/debit cards will be accepted over the phone or by mail. If you would like to set up automatic (direct debit) bill pay for water billing, please use the attached form to apply.

 We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the online payment portal and no payments can be submitted online at this time. We are diligently working to correct this issue. Thank you for your patience.” 

Click below to pay online for the following:

Building Permits

Burglar/False Alarm Fees

Business Licenses

Miscellaneous/Other (park special events, donations)

Overweight/Special Vehicle Movement Permits

Park Permits

Water Bills (MUST have account number and PIN to access) Effective August 1, 2019, the credit card fee for online water bill payments will increase to $4.45 with a $300.00 per transaction limit.

**Parking/Compromise Tickets (issued prior to 1/1/2016)

**Parking/Compromise Tickets (issued 1/1/2016 and after)

(**Illinois Vehicle Code (IVC) violations must be paid through the
DuPage County Clerk’s Office.)

The following may NOT be paid through this service:

  • Village taxes such as Hotel/Motel, Local Gas, Places of Eating and Self-Storage Facility taxes. Please send your payments directly to the Village Hall.
  • Red light camera fines. Click here for payment of these fines.


Any questions, please contact the Village of Willowbrook at 630-323-8215.