Land Use & Zoning Inquiries

For Planning & Zoning related questions, please complete the Land Use & Zoning Inquiries Form (PDF) with as much detail as possible and email it to the Planning Department. A planning representative will research your query and get back to you within 3-5 business days.

Zoning Map & Districts

The official Zoning Map delineates all land within the Village and classifies it into one of the Village's zoning districts.

Zoning districts are areas for which the regulations and requirements governing use, density, and bulk are all uniform and which are set forth and specified in the Zoning Code (Title 9 of the Municipal Code).

For a quick look at the Village's zoning standards, please reference the Bulk Regulations and Setback Matrix (PDF).

For landscaping standards, please reference the Village of Willowbrook's Landscaping Requirements (PDF).

Further questions on zoning classifications or regulations may be directed to the Community Development Director, Michael Krol, at (630) 920-2262 or Email Michael Krol .