Mission & Values

We Value Our Community

We will work in partnership with our community to ensure that the Village of Willowbrook continues to be a safe and pleasant place to live and work.

We Value Service to Our Citizens

We will serve to reassure our citizens of their personal safety and the safety of their property, to provide an exceptional level of assistance, and to otherwise positively enhance the overall quality-of-life within the Village.

We will work to resolve the concerns or our citizens the first time, every time.

We Value Our Commitment to Improvement

We will continually review our work product to ensure that our level of service is of unmatched quality and constantly seek new and innovative methods of improvement.

We Value Our Employees

We will, in order to engage in the process of continual and innovative improvement, strive to maximize the professional skills and potential of each employee through the development and retention of our members and by affording education, training, and unique, advanced career opportunities.